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Are Your Family’s Foods Compromised?

Processed foods and non-organic ingredients can exacerbate health problems ranging from inflammation and autoimmune diseases to behavioral problems and allergies in kids.

But health-conscious families with specific food restrictions often get stuck in endless hours of meal prep because everyone’s plate has to be just a little different come mealtime.

Organic’ly Recipes | Organic Without Compromise

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Compatible with Dietary Restrictions

Organic'ly baking mixes and recipes are organic, grain-, gluten-, dairy- and soy-free, and non-GMO

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No More Customized Meals

Baked goods for everyone — including anyone with dietary restrictions, allergies, or other food sensitivities.

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Certified "Delicious"

Organic eating and flavor shouldn’t be an either/or. Organic’ly recipes will satisfy the whole family!

Tired of choosing between “Healthy”,
“Convenient”, and "Yummy" at Mealtime?

When you Eat Organic’ly, you can feed your whole household without spending hours in the kitchen.

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"Absolutely incredible. I tried the pancakes by themselves thinking I could add syrup afterwards, and never added any! The pancakes were PACKED with great flavor and left me feeling satisfied. I’d describe it as a maple syrup taste with a hint of coconut (since we used coconut oil). So good."

- Tyler H.

Organic Without Compromise

Organic’ly ingredients are carefully chosen for minimal processing and maximum health benefits.
We only use the highest quality organic-certified whole-food ingredients in any Organic’ly recipe.

See What’s In Store For Your Next Meal!

Blueberry Pancakes

"...Look how many we made! It's the perfect amount for the whole family - the kids, and of course you, too! Delicious."


"I thought the pancakes were delicious! We used a monk fruit syrup and it was the perfect amount of sweet and healthy"

Sunny M.

Chocolate Banana Protein Waffles

"...If you want, you can store them in the refrigerator and pop them in the toaster oven for a few minutes when you're ready to eat them again."


"I loved how smooth the mix was and not grainy like a lot of clean ingredient ones are"

Crystal H.

Pumpkin Muffins

"...We like to meal prep so we do lots of food at once - you'll get 12 or more muffins out of this recipe."


"Significantly better than the other baking mixes I use currently, but taste like a treat. The taste profile of these is excellent"

Val C.

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Organic’ly recipes rely on unprocessed, natural, organic ingredients

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"...Our favorite is to add a protein - it's really important to always combine a protein with a carb."